About Us

Avax Pro Trade is an international company that is one of the pioneers of its industry in many areas of activity. Avax Pro Trade is one of the first digital asset and digital currency trading houses in the world! Avax Pro Trade provides its own wallet and covers the entire software development area with an own company. Working closely with regulators, Avax Pro Trade implemented an international concept for cryptocurrency trading and investments in blockchain technology and its advancements.

Avax Pro Trade provides an innovative all-in-one solution through a variety of services and products. As a team that has been operating since 2016, the founding of Avax Pro Trade in 2018 has brought our expertise to the attention of the public. Previously, our work had only ever served a select group of investors and for our own benefit. Due to the steady growth of the digital asset market and the trading volume of Avax Pro Trade , which already amounts to several million US-Dollars, the trading team now comprises over 45 people who focus on profitable investments.

With simple applications, innovative designed products and services, Avax Pro Trade enables its customers to successfully invest in the world of digital assets With international licensing and locations in Estonia and Cyprus, Avax Pro Trade develops its products and applications in two of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. Avax Pro Trade offers precise consulting services for international customers. With an approved fund model and related services, Avax Pro Trade is able to provide private and institutional customers with optimal solutions. Some of these services can be used directly via the Avax Pro Trade Wallet.

For this reason, the risk-reward-ratio on the market is analysed before any action is taken in order to evaluate profitable situations on the market. In view of a positively assessed market situation, it is our goal to always promote the in-house fund by generating profits. Through discretionary and software-based trading we are able to apply diversified strategies adapted to the previously analysed market situations. Only if the risk-reward-ratio is in line with our optimized profit expectation a trade will be executed. Our goal is not to achieve the maximum and therefore often risk profits, but to establish profit-optimized, long-term and consistently positive strategies.

Who we are

Avax Pro Trade LIMITED is a Cyprus based Company registered under the Cyprus Company Registrar with registered no. ΗΕ 409592, having its registered office at Pavlou Valdaseridi 2A, Ground Floor, 6018 Larnaca.


First, we have a good reputation in the market. Only a reputed company will work hard to achieve what you want. We have worked extensively to make sure we keep this reputation by ensuring we continuously give you satisfactory results. Secondly, authenticity is the key here. Unfortunately, there are many that are running online businesses who are only interested in profit and not your long-term growth. So you must always do your homework. Here we are dedicated to providing to making sure we manage your Funds in the best possible way whilst also making sure you make the most of your Deposited Capital.

As a Leader in Digital Currency Investing, we believe that digital currencies will revolutionize our legacy economic, political, and social systems. With that transformation comes a meaningful generational shift in how institutions and individuals approach investing. Avax Pro Trade comes in. As the leading blockchain trading firm and one of the largest institutional owners of cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to act as the catalyst for widespread blockchain adoption and innovation.